I’ve tried to write this review 3 different times now. Each time I sit down to try and write some words about the music, I find myself just listening to the album and forgetting time until I realize that I’m supposed to be somewhere. Hypnotic might not be the best word to describe Get Lost, Find Yourself, but the upbeat, moments of dj0nty bounce do whisk you away to a better place, where it’s summer time and middle fingers reign supreme.

If you’re not familiar with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, their sound is pop-punk with an edge towards detuned metalcore – my preferred roast blend of pop-punk. Major chords never sounded so good. “City of Light” is a great example of how C!NCC (is that even the acronym? I’m pretty sure no one ever uses it, but it is kind of fun to read out loud) has mastered the craft of the youthful, “we’re gonna loiter all summer long, and it’s gonna be awesome!” vibe. Gang chants and crazy catchy melodies will take you cover to cover of this album, wishing that you were still 15 with mop hair lookin’ to find a girl with whom to go window shopping at the mall.

There is only one criticism that comes to mind, and it’s something that stuck out to me with each listen of the album. There are a handful of prominent “oh-oh” vocal parts that are in fairly close proximity to one another in terms of adjacent tracks. It’s really nitpicky of me, and I kind of feel like a d-bag pointing it out, but I really had to think hard of something critical to say about this album so that I wouldn’t seems as though I’m just ball slobbering over this group. One of these moments does start out with someone whistling, so… it makes it not so bad, or worse – depends how indie you like your tea.

So, there it is. “What goes around, comes around” and “what goes up must come down” might be examples of overused, lyrical clichés at this point, but when it’s followed by “I know that every beginning has to come to an end, let’s make the most out of the time we’ve spent” it makes it okay as long as the melody is money, which in this case, it is. Boom!

Track Listing:

01. Playing Dead
02. City of Light
03. The Other Line
04. Set it Straight
05. Pull You Under
06. What Goes Around
07. Worst Case Scenario
08. Twist the Knife
09. Get Lost Find Yourself
10. Every Moment

Run Time: 34:45
Release Date: May 19, 2015

Check out the song “The Other Line” here.