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Album Review

Fathoms – “Lives Lived” [Album Review]

The UK hardcore scene is throwing out some right gems at the moment and self-confessed “hategroovers” Fathoms join the list with their monster of a debut album Lives Lived.



PureGrainAudio recently got torn a new arsehole when we caught Brighton-based metallic hardcore chaps, Fathoms, smashing it in London where they were supporting Chelsea Grin. At the end of the day, playing live is where it is at and we now know Fathoms are a hefty live act, but even more impressive is when you listen to their precise, blistering fury captured on disc.

A devastating mix of brutal hardcore breakdowns, wall-shaking tech-metal, heart-twisting emotion and throat annihilating vocals, Lives Lived is a truly breathtaking album. “Deathwish” is a perfect example of how face-mashingly heavy yet sickeningly catchy Fathoms can be, whereas “Dilated Dreaming” sees the band head down a more melodic hardcore route still brutal (oh, shit, those vein-popping vocals roaring ‘don’t tell me who the fuck I can be’) for sure, but the gang vocals and melodic hardcore pulse through the song are just simply massive. Further on in the album, the snarling, sneering, raging, middle finger fury of “Truant” sees them take their caustic, bitter rage to a new level however, just when you think they’ve hit their peak and can’t possibly push it any further, “Spite” is waiting around the corner to knock you flat on your sorry arse.

The UK hardcore scene is producing some quality acts at the moment, listening to Lives Lived Fathoms and their brand of “hategroove” are up there with the angriest and the best. Lives Lived is an absolute monster of an album!

Track Listing:

01. Hate Resonates
02. Graveyards
03. Deathwish
04. Hell
05. Dilated Dreaming
06. Truant
07. Inhale Exhale
08. Sleeping, Dreaming
09. The Weight Of The World
10. Spite
11. Bloodlines

Run Time: 37:16
Release Date: January 12, 2015

Check out the song “Hate Resonates” here.

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