You may know Affiance for their hilariously genius music video, “Call To The Warrior,” or for their epic cover of “The Final Countdown,” but rest assured their brilliance does not end there. These Cleveland rockers are doing metalcore right, and are bringing their massive sound to the masses via their new full-length album, Blackout.

Blackout offers listeners an adrenaline rush of damn good metalcore with nuances of power metal stitched in. The all-encompassing track “Midnight” has everything a listener wants and then some. Freaky spider-fingering guitar work, twin guitar harmonies, and a well-timed breakdown to diverge the melodic power metal feel, make this song a wicked summation of the album as a whole.

If Affiance is anything, the one thing they absolutely are not, is boring – “Midnight” being a perfect example of this sentiment. The bottom line is that you should add that necessary burst of energy to your music collection and buy Blackout ASAP. Your ears will thank you!

Run Time: 5:19
Release Date: September 23, 2014

Check out the song “Midnight”