While the climate is changing, so is the band Climates. Their new album Body Clocks will surely get your tundra warm and seasonally wet with a typhoon of sonic pleasure. Flying in from Wales, they beached (ha! Whales. Get it? Ayeeeee.) on my iPod Nano, surprising me with an edible arrangement of hardcore-driven rhythms for my ears. Let’s get to the “Bigger Picture” and discuss the “Cryptic” “Sundown” that’s “Worlds Away” “In The Heart Of Man” with me, the “Realist,” on how I interpret “What Means The Most” (see track listing to get this joke).

This is what happened when I pressed play the first time: Track one fades in. It’s a full band, repeating sequence with the lead guitar the focus of major tonality (I think?). There’s slight resonance, not quite dissonance, in the rhythm guitar’s chords, making for a nice resolution before transitioning to the first verse where yelly vocals take the limelight, still backed by a very melodic instrumental.

What I enjoy most about this album is the way that the lead guitar and rhythm guitar intertwine, similar to counterpoint movement. It’s a known device among melodic hardcore bands, but I feel as though they’re (Climates) one of the reigning champions to date of making it sound effortless and high energy, keeping the feels bouncy… like real jugs, as oppose to fake jugs, and if you think I’m talking about containers, you’re half right.

What’s the prettiest song, you ask, Henry? “In The Heart of Man.” The intro features piano octaves, making a big opening that falls into a softer verse with clean vocals that continue throughout the whole song, which may be one of the defining parts of this song in comparison to the others. The drums play a pivotal role as well, creating dynamics with several peaks and valleys.

Final note: bands from overseas have been making waves lately with some spectacular tunage. Well done, mates!

Track Listing:

01. Leaves of Legacy
02. Heaven is Only in My Head
03. Serpents From The Shadowland
04. In The Heart Of Man
05. Cryptic
06. Sundown
07. Whole Hearted
08. The Bigger Picture
09. Worlds Away
10. Realist
11. What Means The Most

Run Time: 37:06
Release Date: October 14, 2014

Check out the song “Leaves Of Legacy”