Hard rock fans are going to totally dig Ghosts, the new album from the renowned Canadian band, Big Wreck. This record, their first since 2012’s Albatross, is a melodic, riff-filled collection of tunes that forces the listener to move along.

In the last few years the hard rock genre, at least for me, has become completely saturated with generic, cookie cutter bands cranking out mediocre music that all sounds the same. With that said, I was quite excited when I sat back to listen to Ghosts and realized that these guys, ever since 1997’s In Loving Memory Of…, continue to do things differently.

Ghosts is a breath of fresh air in the hard rock genre and I think a perfect example is the second song, “I Digress.” A killer, infectious riff opens things up quickly sucking listeners into a driving, groovy head-bopping rhythm that is topped off by a catchy vocal line and a terrifically fuzzy lead guitar solo. This is one of those songs that begs to be played at eleven and stays with you long after your player is turned off.

The remainder of the album is just as good, with songs ranging from harder, edgier tunes like “I Digress” to piano-based tracks like “My Life.” Ghosts is an album well worth checking out and should appease both existing Big Wreck fans, and new ones.

Ghosts Track Listing:

01. I Digress
02. Ghosts
03. My Life
04. Hey Mama
05. Diamonds
06. Friends
07. Still Here
08. Off And Running
09. Break
10. Come What May
11. War Baby
12. A Place To Come Home (Reprise)

Run Time: 69:54
Release Date: June 10, 2014

Check out the song “Ghosts”