Builders Of The Future, the hot new release from the electronic-driven industrial/hard rock band Powerman 5000, serves up a healthy dose of infectious grooves and big, slick choruses delivered through catchy synth hooks and monstrous power chords.

My favorite track, by far, is the opener “Invade Destroy Repeat” – it is faster and heavier than most of the rest of the album and sort of has a Ministry vibe to it, which I totally dig. “Live It Before You’re Dead” is also worth mentioning as it is driven along at a dance floor pace propelled by a hypnotic guitar/keyboard combo riff that immediately hooked me and had me wanting more.

I did find myself longing for a bit more though, because at just over 34 minutes, it seemed as though Builders Of The Future was just getting rolling when it all came to an abrupt end. While I feel that Powerman 5000 does not reinvent the wheel, nor do they veer far from their trademark electro rock sound, they have created a disc that works well and results in a fun enjoyable listen that is sure to please fans of the band.

Track Listing:

01. Invade Destroy Repeat
02. We Want It All
03. How To Be Human
04. Your Gonna Love It If You Like It Or Not
05. Builders Of The Future
06. I Want To Kill You
07. Modern World
08. Live It Before You’re Dead
09. I Can’t Fucking Hear You
10. Evil World

Run Time: 34:20
Release Date: May 27, 2014

Check out the song “How To Be A Human”