One is a Canadian hard rock band that launched their third album in April of this year and I can tell you that it rocks, it rocks hard. Having never heard of them before, I had the privilege of embarking on this journey with no pretenses. This kind of music is sadly buried away in today’s industry, and industry cramped with bands that just don’t cut. One that is mastered only by a select few and World’s Collide is painfully stuck in the middle.

After all that praise you may be thinking this is a perfect album, glowing without its flaws. That’s definitely not the case! This record consists of thirteen songs and a problem many hard rock bands seem to suffer from is repetition. The album seems designed to be listened to in short bursts or car rides from place to place. This is all fine and dandy, but no matter what genre of music, repetition is never a good thing. The best albums have enough to diversify themselves when each track fades to black.

Getting the negative points out the way, this CD explodes with head banging rock n’ roll goodness from start to finish! Notable standouts are “Tomorrow’s Not Too Late” and “Dirty Little Secret.” Like the titles, these tracks are heavy and they are dirtier than a truck dragged through deep mud. I also can’t forget to mention the Johnny Cash cover song “Folsom Prison Blues.” which is a solid version to say the least.

One’s World’s Collide is your standard rock ‘n roll album. What you expect is what you’re going to get, and that’s in no way a bad thing. It accomplishes what it intends to, crafting a solid album for fans of the genre.

Track Listing:

01. Tomorrow’s Not Too Late
02. Queen Of Rock N’Roll
03. Dirty Little Secret
04. Never Live For Yesterday
05. She’s Bad
06. Worlds Collide
07. I Want You To Know
08. Daddy (Don’t Want To Be Like You)
09. If You Could Only See
10. Livin A Lie
11. Days Gone By
12. We Are One
13. Folsom Prison Blues

Run Time: 45:30
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Check out the song “Queen Of Rock n’ Roll”