“Ghost In You” is the latest from blitz-rock quartet Black God, here for your endless streaming pleasure. You may not be overly familiar with the sub-genre “blitz-rock,” so think of frenetic, energetic two minute punk rock blasts of momentum since that’s always what you’ll get from a typical Black God track. The Louisville, Kentucky band has been releasing new songs like the pace of their music over the last two years. Since 2011, Black God and No Idea have teamed up each year to release a new six song edition of straight to the point melodic punk/hardcore, cleverly titled One, Two and Three.

Montreal hard rock band One are a testament to hard work. In the seven year existence of the band, they have not shied away from the hardwork and determination necessary to make it in the music industry today. They have been through their ups and downs, from member changes to constant touring, but with the new additions to the group, they feel that their best work is yet to come. Following the release of One’s second record Dirty Valentine, they spent the better part of two years on the road, zig zagging North America at least a few times and selling thousands of copies of their first two records along the way.

These days there are almost as many sub genres as metal bands themselves. Things from metalcore to death metal to sludge, one of the newest sub genre is djent. Djent is a progressive metal styled coined by Meshuggah and brought to the forefront by Periphery. The name is an onomatopoeia for heavily palm-muted, distorted chords, one of the latest bands taking on the sound of Djent is TesseracT. TesseracT are 4 blokes from England and a newly recruited Yankee named…

You might refer to Fullforce as a Swedish heavy metal supergroup. Formed three years ago, Fullforce features former members of HammerFall along with Cloudscape and Silent Memorial singer Mike Andersson. The group recently signed with SPV/Steamhammer Records to release their debut album One just released in Europe in June. The album has been getting some good reviews so far with a North American release set for July 26th. The band has not had much of an opportunity to tour yet but they have dates set for…