Edguy have been consistently releasing records since their debut in 1995. Album after album they have experimented with different sounds and now, fast forward 19 years, they’re preparing for the birth of yet another recording, this one titled Space Police – Defenders of the Crown (April 18, 2014).

As a fan of Edguy’s past work, I was extremely excited to hear new material, especially with Tobias’ recent ongoing tweets hyping up the album as “one of their best yet”. In reality, while it may not be their best, it is damn good nonetheless!

Space Police is a treat for the ears from start to end; it lives up to the hype and in many ways exceeds it. Amongst the traditional sounds for which the band is known, there are a few hysterical types thrown in for fun. “Love Tyger” with the purring of the cat and “Rock Me Amadeus” with the bizarre rap-sounding jabbering that Tobi throws in the verses are prime examples. While this may be a turn off for people who prefer their music to be serious, these tracks offer some excellent entertainment and are some of the band’s catchiest.

The title track “Space Police” and “Do Me Like a Caveman” stand out the most to me, with all the others sitting at a close second. I’ve burned through this album multiple times now and while I wasn’t too fond of some songs on first listen, I now love everything about Space Police – Defenders of the Crown… well, minus its ridiculous cover. Edguy said this would be one of their best and I have to agree! I suggest you give this one a try.

Track Listing:

01. Sabre and Torch
02. Space Police
03. Defenders Of The Crown
04. Love Tyger
05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
06. Rock Me Amadeus
07. Do Me Like A Caveman
08. Shadow Eaters
09. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer

Run Time: 54:00
Release Date: April 18, 2014

Check out the song “Sabre & Torch”