Norwegian music was once infamous mainly for its Christianity baiting black metal scene but, while that scene is still producing some explosive bands, it seems like the Norwegian punk scene is also producing some fairly nasty bands. One of those groups, Shevils, have been knocking around since about 2011 and Lost In Tarturus is their latest slab of snotty punk issued towards the tail end of 2013.

Rough and raucous, Shevils tread a very similar path to Cancer Bats in so much as their hardcore/punk rock is much more about gobbing in your face and telling you to fuck off than it is about how many t-shirts they can sell on Warped Tour. At just shy of half an hour, Lost In Tartarus is a brash, abrasive slice of punk rock fury that doesn’t really waste any time getting the point across. Songs like “Sorely Fucking Provoked” and “State Of Regret” do exactly what they say on the tin snapping and snarling and screeching away like all good proper punk rock records should do.

Shevils are probably never going to sell millions of records like Blink-182 and they probably don’t care that much either because, if Lost In Tartarus is any indication, they’re much more at home smashing snotty, thrashy punk rock out in the back room of some damp squat in the backstreets of Norway to a bunch of people who are genuinely into what Shevils do.

Track Listing:

01. Is This Where We’re At?
02. Black Eyes
03. Timelines
04. Sorely Fucking Provoked
05. These Walls Are Coming Down
06. Walk On Shattered Glass
07. State Of Regret
08. Blizzard Beach
09. Destroy All Villains
10. Young And Restless

Run Time: 28:27
Release Date: November 15, 2013

Check out the album ‘Lost In Tartarus’


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