Freshly signed to Victory Records, Greenville quartet Islander owe a lot to a certain alt-metal mob if the four tracks on their debut EP are any indication. Deftones comparisons aside though, there are moments littered throughout the EP where Rage Against The Machine similarities rear their head while the appearance of Bad Brains legend H.R. on “Lucky Rabbit” is the icing on this slice of alt-metal/rap-rock/agro metal cake.

At the moment, the four tracks dished up are enough to give fans a taster of what this band are about and, while it’s not the most original piece of work you’re ever likely to hear, if you’re a fan of Rage Against The Machine, Deftones, or Bad Brains, then you’ll get value for your money should you choose to shell out on this EP. For me though, while it’s nice to hear Islander paying homage to their influences on Pains, it’ll be nice to hear them experiment a bit more with their own ideas and really open up their wings for future releases.

Track Listing:

01. New Colors
02. Lucky Rabbit
03. Glass
04. Big Shot

Run Time: 16:36
Release Date: September 30, 2013

Check out the song “New Colors”


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