Sit back and prepare for a solid dose of powercore from Australian act A Breach Of Silence. We are all aware that the “core” world is inundated with copycat sound-alikes and even though I am a big fan of this type of music, I find it difficult at times to listen to the same old formula. Thankfully Dead or Alive mixes things up a bit, and for brief moments in time, breaks out of that mold altogether.

This is for sure a powerful record, complete with brutally chugging rhythms, massive breakdowns, and alternating clean and growling vocals. But there a few surprises thrown in for good measure as well! For instance, there is quite a strong NWOBHM influence running through a good portion of the disc and at times it sounds as if Parkway Drive and the legendary Saxon were in the recording studio laying down together. I know the idea of brutal breaksdowns combined with old school metal characteristics sounds odd, but it works! The best example of this can be found on “Like Sands Through The Hour Glass.”

As aforementioned, not all of the songs break out of the box and some just seem to be a bit generic (see the electronically-tinged “Final Breath”); it’s not a bad song, I just don’t think it is very memorable. At the end of the day Dead or Alive is a good album that is well worth hearing; I know at least a few of these tunes will end up in regular rotation on my player.

Track Listing:

01. Blind
02. Dawn To Rise
03. To Oblivion
04. Eyes Of The Enemy
05. Circles
06. There Will Be Blood
07. Night Rider
08. Empty Smile
09. Like Sands Through The Hour Glass
10. Hollow Grounds
11. Final Breath

Run Time: 40:13
Release Date: October 1, 2013

Check out the song “There Will Be Blood”