Rhys Flannery, lead vocalist for the Australian powercore metal act, A Breach Of Silence, recently took a moment to answer some of our “Purely Provocative” questions. The band is busting their asses ahead of the October 7, 2014 release of their forthcoming album, The Darkest Road, and as such we wanted to help them promote it… by asking them ridiculous questions. Check out the stories and thoughts Flannery shared.

At the end of “Dawn To Rise”, the second track on the debut album from Aussie metallers A Breach Of Silence, vocalist Rhys Flannery unleashes the kind of power metal scream that would put most power metal vocalists to shame. Considering the Killswitch Engage-inspired metalcore they’ve dished out up to that point, it does leave you a little confused as to where exactly A Breach Of Silence sit. Are they metalcore? Are they power metal? It seems, having read their biog, they are powercore?

Sit back and prepare for a solid dose of powercore from Australian act A Breach Of Silence. We are all aware that the “core” world is inundated with copycat sound-alikes and even though I am a big fan of this type of music, I find it difficult at times to listen to the same old formula. Thankfully Dead or Alive mixes things up a bit, and for brief moments in time, breaks out of that mold altogether.

Eclipse Records is extremely excited to announce the signing of Brisbane, Australia’s infamous powercore band, A Breach Of Silence to an exclusive, multi-album deal. The band just wrapped up production of their brand new full-length album entitled Dead or Alive, which will be released October 1, 2013 by Eclipse Records (Mushroomhead, Bobaflex, Blowsight). The album was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Opeth, In Flames, Arch Enemy) and recorded at HK Studios in Brisbane, Australia.