The Skinny: Fresh off the heals of a successful SXSW appearance, Denver’s The Outfit, have a whole new surprise for fans and critics alike. The group have just released their first new song in two years, titled “Caesar.” The astounding track reminds you of everything that you love about The Outfit in the first place.

The combination of slick guitar riffs, echoing garage-rock tones, and boisterous harmonies provide a track that will have you vibrantly dancing around the room in no time. Killer licks and heartfelt melodies are embraced with their straightforward, guitar-based pop songwriting that creates a unique sound that is not only energetic and phenomenal, but emotes such musical passion. The band offers an earnest take on garage rock revival, building on the ground laid out by acts such as The Strokes and the early days of Kings of Leon.

“We recorded, packaged, and numbered each one individually, using a junky old cassette recorder from the ’70s. We chose to release a cassette because it offers a unique quality that you can’t get from a digital file. The sound quality is not perfect, but it does have a life of its own. Each tape has its own quirks, affecting the sound of the music in different ways that will gradually change over time, with each pass. You get the digital download so you can have the song as it originally sounds, but with the cassette you also get a version that you can beat up a little, that won’t sound exactly like any other version. It was partially inspired by this episode of RadioLab, and partially because we’ve made our fair share of mixtapes over the years, all full of tape hiss and love,” says bassist Mike King.

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