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Attempt to Somebody’s Life Premiere Their ‘Bridges/Latencies’ EP

Italian alternative metal band Attempt to Somebody’s Life premiere their long overdue new ‘Bridges/Latencies’ EP.



Attempt to Somebody’s Life, photo by Serena Buzzi
Attempt to Somebody’s Life, photo by Serena Buzzi

A band can rarely experience a renaissance in the way that Attempt to Somebody’s Life has. But the proof is in the pudding, and the group has beaten the odds. Today is the premiere of the Italian alternative metallers’ debut EP Bridges/Latencies ahead of its release on April 12th.

Featuring six tracks, the EP has a Y2K hard rock essence and culture, which makes it a must-listen for any fan of that era. That sound is unsurprising, given the period in which most of these songs were written. Much of Bridges/Latencies was composed now 20 years ago, which helps explain its similarities to 2000’s nu metal. It also includes two special tracks with the whole EP succeeding in sounding both current and relevant.

Elaborating on the EP, the band states:

“The title we have chosen for our debut EP means the concrete path the songs are made of, and the separation between us and them in over 20 years by their first composition. Bridges because separate/unite different sides over the river that is the time. Latencies because nothing is the same after crossing the river.

“We can’t wait for seeing this release out… We are pushing back anxiety because we live it as a present to ourselves. It was something to deal with. Finally, once done, we are free to go anywhere.”

Based in Florence, Attempt to Somebody’s Life is a tale of rejuvenation and survival. For quite some time, the four band members had set aside music from their lives. But, as it often does to those who try to pursue other professional or artistic endeavours, the allure of it all pulled them back in. Passion is a focal point of art and music, particularly hard rock and metal. That passion may have abated for a while, but it was easily reignited, and as it’s often said, the beat goes on.

The members of Attempt to Somebody’s Life couldn’t be happier to be back at the drawing board. It may have taken longer than they would have liked, but they are now accomplishing what they were always meant to.

Attempt to Somebody’s Life ‘Bridges/Latencies’ [EP] album artwork

Attempt to Somebody’s Life ‘Bridges/Latencies’ [EP] album artwork