Boston hardcore outfit Vanna have been through a few line-up changes recently with their fourth album, The Few And The Far Between, being the first time fans of the band will get to hear the groups’ new incarnation. Fear not though, as the album skids into the punk rock snarl of opener proper “The Lost Art Of Staying Alive”, Vanna have obviously lost none of that bite has earned them a healthy following in the hardcore scene.

Fleshing out their punk rock rage, Vanna add a healthy splash of rock n’ roll to the mix giving songs like first single “Year Of The Rat” something you can hang onto as you scream along with passionate vocalist Davey Muise. However, weighing in at just under thirty minutes Muise and his long-time friends waste no time getting down to business with the likes of the ferocious “I Said I’m Fine” and the caustic “The Weekly Slap In The Face” delivered with the kind of venom usually reserved for those with a lot to get off their chests. Muise obviously fits nicely in that category as he spits and snarls “you don’t call, you don’t talk, I’m beginning to think it’s my fault…” during “The Weekly Slap In The Face” with the sort of throat-damaging rage that, like Vanna’s brutal punk rock rage, doesn’t pull any punches in getting straight to the point.

Joined by a variety of guests throughout the album, the Boston chaps leave the best till last as ex-Scars Of Tomorrow frontman Mike Milford adds his vocal brutality to the chaotic “The Dreamer/The Thief/The Relic”, a track which smashes this album towards the final few songs with the sort of snarling punk rock attitude that guarantees this album will be a winner with punk and hardcore fans alike.

Track Listing:

01. The Few And The Far Between
02. The Lost Art Of Staying Alive
03. Year Of The Rat
04. I Said I’m Fine
05. Casket Rhythm
06. The Weekly Slap In The Face
07. Please Stay
08. A Thin Place
09. The Dreamer/The Thief/The Relic
10. When In Roam
11. His Heels

Run Time: 29:33
Release Date: March 19, 2013

Check out the song “Year of the Rat”

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