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It was the Fall of 2008 when the story of Forlorn Path began in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The original lineup all came from different musical backgrounds and influences, including death metal, black metal, folk, jazz and noise, but what they all shared was the desire to create music. This collective desire led them to collaborating and laying the foundation of what would become their first release. In Spring 2010, Forlorn Path released their debut EP Being Towards Death which featured a raw sound combined with the brutality of death metal and dissonant melodies. After making a nice debut, the band recorded and released their second EP Intifada in 2012, a journey through a man’s terrifying coma dream. To capture the essence of what this would feel like, the group fine-tuned their sound to depict the crushing battle against oppression and inner strife.

By the time they started to record again in Spring 2012, Forlorn Path had undergone several changes, including two new members and only two founding members, Yuriy and Dave remaining in the band. With new additions came a new sound which has spawned the over hour long debut full-length LP Man’s Last Portrait. The album features new material as well as material written over the course of many years. Some songs are reminiscent of the band’s early aggression while others are more dark and melancholy. All things considered, Man’s Last Portrait combines the best of the old with the best of the new for this rapidly emerging band.