The brand new, self-titled disc from Canadian band Incura is a true breath of fresh air for the heavy music scene. This is a group that consistently pushes musical boundaries, blazing new ground in the crossover metal world, and their latest offering does nothing less than astound.

At times the songs are heavy, working off nice staccato riffs and containing blistering solo guitar work, but by far the vocal performance of Kyle Gruninger is the proverbial topping on the cake. He is melodic, passionate, and super dramatic in both his delivery and presentation, taking the songs to all new heights which at times even reminded me a bit of the late great Freddie Mercury.

The other thing worth noting here is that Incura do not write predictable, straightforward songs by any means. Each track is an adventure with twists and turns around every corner that are as surprising as they are exciting. This is a fantastic record and I suggest picking it up, cracking a beer and sitting back for a musical adventure you won’t soon forget.

Track Listing:

01. Get The Gun
02. Breathe This
03. I’m Here Waiting
04. Who You Are
05. Turning Blue
06. Decide
07. Here To Blame
08. The Greatest Con
09. I’d Give Anything
10. Sweat runs Cold

Run Time: 43:45
Release Date: February 26, 2013

Check out the song “Get the Gun”