I recently had a moment to chat with Cameron Argon (also known as “Big Chocolate”), the mastermind behind the death metal band Disfiguring The Goddess, about his newest album Sleeper. “Big Chocolate” is currently one of the biggest names in the music production world and so I thought it would be appropriate to pick his brain and find out what kind of gear he uses to get those incredible sounds. Here’s what he had to say.

What kind of gear did you use when recording the new album Sleeper (guitar and amp setup)?
Big Chocolate: Seymour Duncan invader pickups are my favorite pickups for passive guitars. I used a Line 6 Pod X3 Pro and all was recorded on Logic Pro Toontrack for drums and for some help with mixing.

Besides guitar what other instruments do you play?
Big Chocolate: I play the MacBook very well. I can play drums semi-decently and I fiddle with a keyboard.

How many guitars do you own?
Big Chocolate: I own two at the moment. I have a Les Paul and a Daisy Rock Flower guitar. I’m pretty brutal when it comes to choice of axe.

Do you use special tunings on the guitar?
Big Chocolate: Daisy Rock is in E standard. I recorded the DTG album in F# standard. It’s in C Standard right now because I’m writing some drum and bass with it.

What is the most difficult aspect of recording your distinctive guitar sound?
Big Chocolate: The most difficult aspect is finding a tone that’s muddy enough to cover all my errors, but good enough to sound ill. I kid somewhat. I use two amps per guitar with this dual amp thing in the pod. I run a really bassy, beefy tone layered with one that’s has a great load of mid-range boosts.

Overall, which guitarists have you been the most inspired by?
Big Chocolate: Tom Morello 100%. It is so inspiring to see so much experimental use out of a based instrument like a guitar.

Past or present, other than Disfiguring The Goddess, if you could be a guitarist for any other band, which band would it be?
Big Chocolate: Slipknot… I try and air guitar to Meshuggah a lot too; emphasis on “try”.

Did you have formal education on the guitar?
Big Chocolate: Nope. I had a few lessons when I was younger, but nothing to the point of like… crazy.

Do you think about distinguishing the guitar performances and sounds from release to release?
Big Chocolate: I feel like they continue to improve. My writing and playing improve as well as my skill to get better tones.

Check out the song: “Queen Kingdom”