Oecist is a band that the vast majority of you haven’t heard of before today. Not your fault though, the post-metal solo project is quite underground and only the true savants know of Oecist. At least, until now. Founded by San Antonio, Texas-based multinstrumentalist BJ Dierkes, Oecist is a solo project of epic proportions. Read on below to see what gear BJ uses and to learn more about the pending September 1, 2014 release of the debut album XVIII LIII (Crowquill Records).

Instrumental rock guitar music is one of the few things that really gets white people amped up (Citation: Chapelle Show February 2004). In today’s saturated music market, few rise to the top as masters of their craft. I found one in Canada, and he was gracious enough to share a few words about his latest album, In a Locked Room on the Moon. Please meet Nick Johnston.