Portable wireless speakers are gaining in popularity and since they pair with just about any mobile Bluetooth device, they are ideal for taking your music on the go. With so many devices on the market though it might be difficult to find the one that is suitable for your own needs. I have owned a few myself and have listened to quite a few others and I can honestly say that the PWS – The Packable Wireless System by Grain Audio is by far my favorite of the bunch.

I recently had a moment to chat with Cameron Argon (also known as “Big Chocolate”), the mastermind behind the death metal band Disfiguring The Goddess, about his newest album Sleeper. “Big Chocolate” is currently one of the biggest names in the music production world and so I thought it would be appropriate to pick his brain and find out what kind of gear he uses to get those incredible sounds. Here’s what he had to say.

Job For A Cowboy have been dominating the deathmetal/core scene for the past few years, during which they’ve been on some of the biggest tours imaginable, playing in support of their album Ruination (which reached number 42 on The Billboard 200 chart). Also, they just recorded their newest EP Gloom on which drummer Jon “The Charn” Rice had to ensure he had the perfect gear to get that “right” sound. Read on to find out why the Yamaha Mike Bordin Signature Snare Drum is Jon’s go-to piece of gear.