Buckle up and get ready for an all out pummeling of the senses! Apocalypsenow, the latest release from Brazilian death metal/grindcore band Antidemon, is so heavy it should have a warning label attached to it. A label warning of the disc’s face-melting capabilities!

All kidding aside though this is a really good disc that fans of the genre are sure to dig; it has tons of speed, loads of blast beats and Batista’s unearthly guttural growls are as powerful as they are incomprehensible. If it weren’t for the song titles, listeners might not ever know that they are actually listening to Christian-based lyrics. At the end of the day Apocalypsenow is a solid death metal/grind release that should please any fan of the genre.

Track Listing:

01. Apocalypsenow
02. Infernal
03. Welcome to Death
04. Virus
05. Dominio
06. Fuera Diablo
07. Nao Tardara
08. Rei Da Gloria
09. Abominacao
10. Possuidos
11. Lamento

Run Time: 46:48
Release Date: ??

Check out the song: “Infernal”