Brazil’s Endrah state they “combine the brutality and attack of death metal with hardcore aggression.” I’m assuming they chose this way of describing themselves as deathcore has become a bit of a “dirty word” with most metalheads over the age of 18.

Brazilian metal quartet, Eminence has posted a free download of their new album, The Stalker. Produced by Tue Madsen (Moonspell, The Haunted, Sick Of It All), The Stalker also features a guest appearance from Sepultura bassist and longtime friend Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. on three tracks. Stream/download Eminence’s The Stalker in its entirety just above.

Brazilian brutal death metallers Lacerated And Carbonized have recently inked a deal with Mulligore Production and are set to re-release their full-length The Core of Disruption on August 1st in North America. This opus brought a prominent team on board. Mixing and mastering were both held by Andy Classen (Destruction, Krisiun, Tankard) at the Stage-One Studios. Four special guests left their mark: Felipe Chehuan and Max Moraes (Confronto), Eregion (Unearthly) and Guilherme Sevens (Painside) gave their brilliant contribution to increase the depth and raise the level of this landmark work.

Buckle up and get ready for an all out pummeling of the senses! Apocalypsenow, the latest release from Brazilian death metal/grindcore band Antidemon, is so heavy it should have a warning label attached to it. A label warning of the disc’s face-melting capabilities!