I’ve been planning an epic road trip across North America in my head since high school. Of course, my daydreaming stems from that scene in Elizabethtown when Orlando Bloom is given that diligent playlist for the road, with every Tom Petty song meticulously mapped to specific intersections.

In my clichéd vision, I’m usually aboard an old, black Cadillac, cruising down open back roads with the sun setting in my rear view mirror while a raging playlist blares from the cassette deck. For years I’ve been sporadically adding tracks to my (now) vastly arrayed road trippin’ cassette tape – and today, I effortlessly added six more.

The Apache Relay is a quartet of native Nashvillians, who were noticeably genetically instilled with bluegrass and folk roots from the womb. Their latest EP, American Nomad, successfully delivers a handful of exuberant indie-rock gems, all of which will be sing-a-long worthy as I cruise-along in my imaginary black Cadillac one day. The tracks provide moments of elation, generously frenzied by string mixes and energetic tambourine beats.

The 5-song EP is a short and flawless introduction to the band – its personality is unyielding, allowing the same folky energy to flow from track-to-track without a hitch, subsequently ensuring the listener’s journey never goes awry.

Orlando Bloom’s gift was glorious, really, and a tiny part of me still hopes someone will be kind enough to provide me with such a treasure. But just in case that fateful day never arrives, I’ll continue planning my own epic road trip, mapping Apache Relay songs to specific rundown gas stations as I haphazardly meander along in my own vagrant style.

Track Listing:

01. Home Is Not Places
02. Lost Kid
03. Power Hungry Animals
04. Set’s Me Free
05. American Nomad
06. Can’t Wake Up (Bonus Track)

Run TIme: 20:00
Release Date: March 13, 2012

Check out the song: “Home Is Not Places”