Purchase, NY band, Moving Mountains (MovMou) are making ripples in the rock/post hardcore/emo scene with their 2011 release, Waves. Instrumentally the album adheres to basic four chord progressions with melodic guitar overlays portraying the emotion of each song. On top of the music are Gregory Dunn’s vocals once again consisting of lyrics about a friend that passed away. The loss of his cohort can be felt in the flowing lyrics, which are occasionally strengthened by shouting.

I cannot believe how well Moving Mountains have created the perfect musical ambiance with which to portray this sad story. Everyone in search of true, passionate music should check out this band.

Track Listing:

01. My Life Is Like A Chase Dream (And I’m Still Having Chase Dreams)
02. Where Two Bodies Lie
03. Tired Tiger
04. The Cascade
05. Once Rendering
06. Always Only For Me
07. Alleviate
08. Parts In Different Places
09. Furnace Woods
10. Full Circle

Run Time: 40:26
Release Date: May 10, 2011

Check out the song: “Tired Tiger”