This 7″ split EP (featuring two songs from each band) is being self-released by San Francisco, CA-based act Skin Like Iron and Oxnard, CA natives Nails on January 31st, 2012. To be only available directly from the bands themselves, this limited edition 1,000 copy EP will be pressed in black (900) and blue wax (100).

The first half of this split features Skin Like Iron, and in my opinion, these are the best Skin Like Iron songs to date. The band’s punk/hardcore roots really shine through making this is an EP that Skin Like Iron fans are definitely going to want to own!

The second duo of songs belong to Nails and with some deep, heavy guitar tones and strong vocals, really help to kick the EP up a few notches. The last track, “Cry Wolf”, is a super-short 24 seconds of complete chaos; by far the hardest 24 seconds you’ll ever experience in your lifetime!

According to the band, these new Nails songs are a preview of what’s to be expected on their upcoming 2012 full-length. Overall a pretty solid EP that grows on you with each listen and doesn’t get old fast.

Track Listing:

01. Disappear (Skin Like Iron)
02. The Parade (Skin Like Iron)
03. Annihilation (Nails)
04. Cry Wolf (Nails)

Run Time: 9:22
Release Date: January 31, 2012