Let me start off by saying I enjoyed this album more than my PGA counterpart, Bruce Moore – as you can see by my review’s rating versus his. The thing that I like the most about this album is that new front man Gage Speas does both the clean vocals AND the screaming – it’s fantastic. Then you take a song like “A Simple Though That Changed Everything” and get a curve ball as it doesn’t feature any screaming at all! Instead it really showcases Gage’s singing talents. With that being said, this album is darn near close to perfect.

This album is everything The Used fans have been waiting for. Armed with some of the most loyal fans in music, The Used has been able to stay relevant over the years despite some arguably less than favorable releases as of late. Vulnerable marks the first album in which the band has 100% creative control, an album the group calls their best record ever. While I may not completely agree with that, it is definitely their best effort since 2004’s In Love And Death.

For those of you hoping this new Architect album will bring back the Architects you loved from Nightmares and The Hear and The Now, you will be sorely disappointed. The band has pretty much abandoned all the things that made those albums what they were and have joined the masses with this un-remarkable, un-memorable, and very generic sounding album.

Recently I chatted with the metal band To Speak Of Wolves about their new album, Find Your Worth, Come Home. The new disc is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2012 via Solid State Records and is already racking up tons of positive praise. The band also talked about their future plans and what it is that makes them who they are. Check it out!

Our Lady Peace has not been able to get back to their former glory and I don’t expect this album to help them get there. Which really is a shame since I was a HUGE fan of theirs for a long time. This new release, Curve, sounds less like Our Lady Peace and more like the love child of U2 and Kings Of Leon. Definitely a new sound for the band, but I am not a fan.

After finding commercial success with their 2010 Jive Records Love Is In The Missile offering, the guys in Atom Smash are back with a new, self-released album. A few member changes later, the band is stronger than ever and returning front man Sergio Sanchez and drummer Mark “Taco” Annino are now joined by guitarist Luke “Cowboy” Rice and bassist “Crazy” David Carrey.

Released on January 17, 2012 via Velocity/Rise Records, The Ascent is the debut full-length by San Diego, CA based band Secrets. I will admit that I hadn’t heard anything about these guys prior to listening to this album. That said, I am quite impressed! Every song is solid, catchy and heavy. You can’t help but want to sing-along, bob your head, and punch someone in the face all at the same time!