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The Skinny: The small town of St. Marys, Ontario helped spawn this four-piece ensemble, with twin brothers Sean and Kevin Graham forming Tiger Zebra in 2004. After years of song-writing, learning, sculpting and progressing, the Graham brothers released their debut album, Greens & Honey on July 9, 2009. The songs, which are acoustic at their core, draw a sonic and atmospheric feel with their swirling guitars, layered vocal harmonies and versatile drumming. The band has always been proud to draw influence from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Sun Kil Moon, Elliott Smith, Sunny Day Real Estate, Built to Spill, Blind Melon, and Doves.

During the hectic months leading up to the release, the band was able to add new members in order to add substance to their live shows. Ryan Watson, also from St. Marys, took the reins playing lead guitar. The three “Stonetowners” formed the creative back-bone needed to keep the band afloat while it saw a carousel of additional members come and go. After returning from a two year stint in Thailand, Joshua Dorhety joined the band as the bass player in June of 2010.

The band has spent the past two years supporting Greens & Honey through relentless gigging, including a highly successful Eastern Canadian tour, and self-promotion.

Dress Rehearsal released a two-song single titled The Lazy River Road in early November that sees the first recordings of all four members in studio together. Recorded in Hamilton by Michael Keire (Wildlife, Dark Mean), the band is certainly hoping to turn some heads. February will see Dress Rehearsal hitting the studio for their second full length album.


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