“Irresistible Force” is the first single to come from Jane’s Addiction’s new album, The Great Escape Artist and it’s a damn good start. Having been what seems like eons since their last release (Strays came out in July of 2003), the band doesn’t seem to miss a beat on this new effort.

They’ve been writing new material with Mr. Duff McKagan, former GNR and Velvet Revolver bassist and the end result is pretty awesome. I was a mere two songs in and I already loved this disc. While I don’t want to say its typical Jane’s, it is “classic” Jane’s, but better (better in a sense that this album is timeless). It’s a record for everyone; it’s modern, it’s vibrant, it’s soulful and it oozes sexy.

While full of fantasy and in some ways mystical, the album is also slick. Produced by Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio) and Rich Costey (Muse), this is a well-polished record that is a must for music fans in general. I love that there’s so much depth to the album, yet it still remains pretty simple – Sitek and Costey did a great job in guiding the band to creating yet another monster release. If you’re specifically looking for classic Jane’s then you’ll definitely like “End to the Lies” and “Ultimate Reason”.

Track Listing:

01. Underground
02. End To The Lies
03. Curiosity Kills
04. Irresistible Force
05. I’ll Hit You Back
06. Twisted Tales
07. Ultimate Reason
08. Splash A Little Water On It
09. Broken People
10. Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Run Time:
Release Date: October 18, 2011

Check out the song: “Irresistible Force”