Jane’s Addiction


It’s second single time for Jane’s Addiction’s comeback record The Great Escape Artist. Unfortunately The Great Escape Artist has received mixed reviews and has not sold very well since its release in October; which is a shame considering how solid of a record it is. It could the fact that the first single “The Irresistible Force” was something a little different from the band which might have deterred casual fans from taking an interest in the album.

As Jane’s Addiction gear up for their much-anticipated “Theatre Of The Escapists” tour launching February 22nd in classic theatres, they will premiere their new video for “Underground” today, January 25th HERE. The song, which is the opener of their acclaimed album “The Great Escape Artist” (Capitol Records), takes on an alluringly dark dimension in the video, for which the band joined forces with esteemed director Robert Hales. An explicit version of the video will debut at Playboy this Friday, January 27th at 10:00 AM EST.

“Irresistible Force” is the first single to come from Jane’s Addiction’s new album, The Great Escape Artist and it’s a damn good start. Having been what seems like eons since their last release (Strays came out in July of 2003), the band doesn’t seem to miss a beat on this new effort.

While it’s not the first song we’ve heard off Jane’s Addiction’s comeback album, “The Irresistible Force” is the official first single from the band’s forthcoming The Great Escape Artist. While “End to the Lies” turned up the guitars and aggression to eleven, “Irresistible Force” slows things down to a pace rather unfamiliar to Jane’s fans. It starts with a slow bass riff before transitioning into a very deep-voiced Perry Farrell and then breaking into more of a familiar sound for fans of the group.