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Tattoos are a big part of music and its culture. In today’s metal scene it’s very rare to find a musician without some sort of ink. Every tattoo seems to have a story and today I got to find out a bit about Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade’s tattoos.

When did you get your first tattoo?
Alex: I was 18 when I got my first tattoo.

What is the tattoo and who did it?
Alex: They are the X’s on the back of my calves and they were done by a girl named Anna from Saint Tattoo in Knoxville, Tennessee and if you know anything about the scene, you know they refer to me being straight edge. I’m not really militant or crazy about it, like a bunch of the dudes like to party, but personally it’s just not for me. I’ve been edge since 16 and hope to be for the rest of my life.

What are your tattoos about?
Alex: Well I have a sleeve on my right arm I started when the band first started touring and it’s pieces together show my love for music. There’s hearts and music notes and eyes on my elbow which represents all the cool shit I get to see on the road. I also have roses that are from the cover of the Deftones’ self-titled album, definitely one of my favorite bands.

Do you regret any?
Alex: No not at all, the X’s are kind of like a whatever, but it’s more of something I wish I would have planned better, but I was 18 and stoked on getting my first tattoo. The “stay true” are kind of faded out so If I could go back I may have just got the X’s.

Who would you recommend if I wanted to get some ink done?
Alex: There’s a guy who works down in Atlanta named Jason Missoula and he’s been working on my new sleeve. It’s a government corruption sleeve that features a vulture with a politician wig and he also did one of my legs which is a 2012 based sleeve. It’s a concept him and I are really into Anunnaki alien and there is a D.N.A helix as well. He puts in a lot of time and detail into his work.

Any plans on more ink and if so what of?
Alex: I really want to get my government corruption sleeve done. When it’s done I’m going to have this good verse evil thing going on with each of my arms and meet together on my chest. It all takes time and effort, but being in a known band it’s awesome to get tattoos done for free. [laughs]