Atma is the newest release from doom metal masters Yob and this disc should come with a warning label informing listeners that there’s a real risk of having their skulls bashed in by the distorted, metallic pounding. The monstrously heavy, slow burning collection of tunes begs to be played loud; very loud. As such, the risk increases exponentially as the volume increases; the insane, low-end and booming bass might very well melt everything in its path, including the speaker cones. Seriously though, this is top notch doom metal fronted by the powerful, passionate vocals of Mike Scheidt.

I found Atma to be a really good album top to bottom. There are lots of groove-laden moments that propel things along (a good thing when some of the songs top out at over 10 minutes long) and keep the songs from becoming stale.

Bottom line, Atma is raw, passionate and foreboding and well worth taking the time to check out. It is deafeningly loud, menacing and raw all at the same time.

Track Listing:

01. Prepare The Ground
02. Atma
03. Before We Dreamed Of Two
04. Upon The Sight Of The Other Shore
05. Adrift In The Ocean

Run Time: 55:07
Release Date: August 16, 2011

Check out the song: “Prepare The Ground”