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Witch Mountain was born in Portland, Oregon in 1997, the doom rock creation of Sunn0))) collaborator Nate Carson and Rob Wrong. The band released their debut …Come The Mountain to critical acclaim in 2001 and toured with the likes of Isis, Yob, Clutch, Agalloch, Electric Wizard, Unsane and plenty more. Soon after, the band fell silent before bursting back into effect in 2009, this time with the stunning vocal addition of Uta Plotkin for the release of South Of Salem – garnering the analogy that Witch Mountain were what Black Sabbath would sound like if fronted by Janis Joplin.

Atma is the newest release from doom metal masters Yob and this disc should come with a warning label informing listeners that there’s a real risk of having their skulls bashed in by the distorted, metallic pounding. The monstrously heavy, slow burning collection of tunes begs to be played loud; very loud. As such, the risk increases exponentially as the volume increases; the insane, low-end and booming bass might very well melt everything in its path, including the speaker cones.