The Skinny: I wonder if bands like Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin had any idea back in their heyday that thirty years later we’d refer to them as “classic” rock. And I wonder if the fans who saw those bands back then, when it was all new and exciting, recognised the immensity and the staying power the music would prove to have. And now it’s my turn to wonder – are Rival Sons to modern music what Led Zeppelin were to the 1970s?

Since forming in 2008, the Californian quartet have gone from strength to strength. Their self released debut Before The Fire established them a firm foundation, and they followed it up with a self-titled EP after being signed to Earache Records. Summer 2011 will see their latest release, Pressure and Time, and an opening slot on Judas Priest’s UK tour.

The elements of the band work in seemingly effortless harmony: Jay Buchanan’s lofty vocals meld with Scott Holiday’s vociferous guitar tones, while Mike Miley and Robin Everhart, on drums and bass respectively, pound out the rhythmic backbone. This is modern rock and roll at its finest, but there’s no denying flavours of rhythm and blues, and even subtle jazzy undertones. The music is simple and yet thoroughly stylish.

When a band like Rival Sons appears on the scene it’s all too easy to hail them as “the new Zeppelin” or “the new AC/DC”, but sometimes that word “new” can suggest that the ‘old’ version is less relevant. But of course, in the case of such musical legends, the original purveyors of classic rock will never be made obsolete. Rival Sons are one of those rare acts who take influences from their musical predecessors, and turn it into something fresh, unique, and totally inspiring.

Genre(s): Rock ‘N Roll, Blues Rock, Rock, Hard Rock