rival sons


If you’re a fan of classic rock along the lines of Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple, than you’re going to truly dig Rival Sons new release, Pressure and Time. This bluesy rock record is really retro, but in a good way; it’s never a bad thing to be compared to the aforementioned legendary musicians. The comparisons aren’t without merit though as vocalist Jay Buchanan sounds as if he’s at times channeling Robert Plant.

Californian blues-rockers Rival Sons’ brand new music video for the track “All Over The Road” has premiered exclusively online. Rival Sons once again teamed up with video director Greg Ephraim for the stylish new video, which is the band’s second video to premiere online following the release of ‘Pressure And Time’ earlier this year, placing the band alongside numerous big-name artists.

I wonder if bands like Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin had any idea back in their heyday that thirty years later we’d refer to them as “classic” rock. And I wonder if the fans who saw those bands back then, when it was all new and exciting, recognised the immensity and the staying power the music would prove to have. And now it’s my turn to wonder – are Rival Sons to modern music what Led Zeppelin were to the 1970s?