The Skinny: Sons of the Lawless were formed in the Los Angeles area, where all four members met out of the ashes of previous bands and joined forces to create something unique and special. Compiling an eclectic mix of various genres and influences ranging from The Raconteurs, The Ramones, Black Flag and Nirvana to The Smiths, Tori Amos, Kings Of Leon, and Dwight Yoakum, the songs address real issues and topics people can relate to.

The first single off Sweet Ride entitled, “Let Me Down,” is a song about how one’s heart was broken and in the end realizing your own self worth, a message almost everyone can relate to. Sweet Ride was recorded at the world-­renowned recording studio, The Village Recorder, (Aerosmith, Bush, The Doors, Johnny Cash) and is poised to take its place amongst some of the greatest modern rock albums of our era.

“I find Los Angeles a paradox, beautiful and tragic at the same time,” recalls front man Adam Stackpole. “Most of our lyrics reflect that dichotomy and are about love, loss, struggle, triumph, and insanity.”

Compared to popular bands such as U2 and The Clash with a no-­holds-­barred attitude, SOTL bring a positive spin on life and is apparent in their personal and socially conscience lyrics. Sweet Ride offers the listener an experience that is hopeful and misanthropic all at the same time that transcends boundaries and engages fans.

This album is sure to become a juggernaut in the modern rock scene and send shockwaves throughout the entire music community. With the band planning to tour in the early 2011, the California natives will be sure to bring their own style of Southern California beach rock, to anyone who is ready and willing to have a good time!  [ END ]


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