On a Friday night after work I decided to pop over to a local show in the next town over. Here I was introduced to pop/rock sensations The Maddigans. They have just released their EP Way So Start This and after seeing them live I had to get myself a copy and decided to share with you just how it sounds.

I popped the disc into the tray and powered up my speakers to a simple drum beat followed by some bass. These were followed by an overlay of female vocals singing: “You got me running out the back door…” a bit later there were some clean guitars. Then came the powerful chorus. This is how the song “Hold It Down” begins; setting the poppy but rock feel for the rest of the EP. Each and every song is powerful with great melodies and strong vocals. It is five tracks of sweet pop/rock that gets you grooving. What a great way to get yourself up and moving!

The title track “Way To Start This” caught my attention because of the memorable chorus and a very simple bridge of ‘dadadas’ which the group sings in unison giving the song a party feel. The track that follows, “Let’s Keep A Secret,” is also a memorable joint with simple, but powerful vocal lines by Trisha. To see her live is amazing; such a powerful voice coming from such a tiny person is rad.

These Alberta rockers have created splendid music in the form of their EP Way To Start This. Go to their MySpace or Facebook and find out when they will be playing your town and see them live. Be sure to pick up a copy of this EP and a t-shirt. Fans of Paramore, The Weekend, New Years Day and VersaEmerge will really appreciate this group.

Track Listing:

01. Hold It Down
02. Way To Start This
03. Let’s Keep A Secret
04. Diamond Rings And Pretty Things
05. One Day I’m Gonna Say I Told You So

Run Time: 16:24
Release Date: 04.01.2010

Check out the song: “Way To Start This”