The wait is over. As a huge fan of Godsmack I have been anticipating this record for a quite a while now. The moment I popped this disc into my player I was reminded of the reasons why I have loved this band for so long. These guys have an amazing ability to write solid riff driven, straightforward Rock and Roll.

I absolutely love this ENTIRE album, which is highly unusual for me. I usually find at least a couple of songs that I feel do not make the cut and I am forced to hit skip on the player, but there is no filler to be found here. The Oracle is everything that fans have come to expect from Godsmack; hard-hitting, guitar driven, hook friendly tunes that pack a massive punch.

From the very first track “Cryin Like A Bitch!!” the listener is greeted with the trademark sound that has earned the band more than one Grammy Nomination. This is an exceptionally well-produced, extraordinary sounding record. Start to finish Godsmack lay down some unbelievably infectious grooves combined with catchy riffs and emotionally-laden vocals.

The Oracle is the band’s fifth studio release and it is probably my favorite disc to date. Favorite tracks of mine include “Good Day To Die” and “Shadow Of A Soul,” both of which are completely unbelievable tunes that rock so hard I almost broke a sweat.

The Oracle proves how relevant and noteworthy the music of Godsmack still is. It is a valuable addition to any collection, or a jumping off point for anyone that wants to learn about this great band. Expect to see The Oracle dominating the airwaves this summer and I would not be surprised if this disc earned the band yet another Grammy nomination this year.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Cryin Like A Bitch!!
02. Saints And Sinners
03. War And Peace
04. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain
05. What If
06. Devils Swing
07. Good Day To Die
08. Forever Shamed
09. Shadow Of A Soul
10. The Oracle

Run Time: 44:26
Release Date: 05.04.2010