Every so often, a record label will decide to put out a compilation album. But how often does a label throw out a Folk Metal compilation? Not very often! Pagan Fire is one of the few folk metal compilation albums out there, and it is a kick-ass one at that.

The album ranges from Bathory, to Wintersun, right over to Primordial. Also, many of the bands on the compilation have taken part in the by-know fairly well known Paganfest tours that have travelled the world. Unfortunately, I have not been fortunate enough to attend one of these tours, but next year, I will make sure I go!

One of the neat things I discovered on the album is that Ensiferum and Wintersun are on the same compilation. I found it great, considering the vocalist to Wintersun used to be the vocalist for Ensiferum. I think this demonstrates the vocalist of Wintersun is still close with his comrades from Ensiferum.

My favourite track on the disc is Korpiklaani’s “Tapporauta”. It’s by far the bounciest tune on the album… with a pirate feel. Maybe why the band can be considered Pirate Metal!

All of the tracks on the compilation were specially selected to blow the minds of the listeners while introducing them to bands they may not have heard before. And on top of that, the tracks actually flowed quite well into one another.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Bathory – Song To Hall Up High
02. Enslaved – Isa
03. Unleashed – The Longships Are Coming
04. Amon Amarth – Victorious March
05. Wintersun – Winter Madness
06. Finntroll – Nedgang
07. Equilibrium – Blut Im Auge
08. Moonsorrow – Kylan Paassa
09. Primordial – Empire Falls (edit)
10. Eluveitie – Inis Mona
11. Korpiklaani – Tapporauta
12. Ensiferum – Deathbringer From The Sky
13. Falkenbach – Laeknishendr
14. Thyrfing – Host
15. Turisas – Battle Metal
16. Bal-Sagoth – Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu

Run Time: 71:58
Release Date: 02.05.2008