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Album Review

The Lonely H

Concrete Class (06.09.2009)



Concrete Class is the latest release from rockers The Lonely H. I really had no idea what to expect when I tossed this CD into my player, so with an open mind, a cold beer and the volume cranked up I kicked back to take it all in. What I found was a decent collection of Blues infused tunes that were not half-bad to listen to.

As one would expect from a band with a heavy Blues influence the songs are slow to mid-tempo and saturated with emotion and feeling, so much so that it is almost palpable. The singer’s voice is powerful and gravelly and extremely well suited for this genre of music. The guitar playing is top notch as well and there are more than a few tasteful leads and licks that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Tracks that stood out to me as my favorites are the opener, “Right Down To Me” and “Cold Blues.” By far the track I enjoyed the most was the slowed down, “White Horse Tears,” which I feel really showcases the passion the vocalist puts into his work.

On the downside though there are a couple of tunes that border on country music and quite honestly, were not my cup of tea, (I am open to just about any kind of music but I just do not quite understand the country music genre at all). With that being said, “Singer,” “Take Care” and “Strike A Chord” are all songs that contain some good playing, but I found myself being lulled into a state of indifference because of the heavy country influence.

At the end of the day Concrete Class is an okay disc with a few tracks that are almost memorable, the rest of the disc, as far as I am concerned, is quite honestly not.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Right Down To Me
02. Cold Blues
03. White Horse Tears
04. Going Out West
05. Singer
06. Diggin A Hole
07. Take Care
08. Phoenix
09. Other Side Of The Water
10. Girl From Jersey
11. The River
12. Strike A Chord

Tun Time: 46:02