Rather than letting the listener ease into the album, Korpiklaani starts it off fast, fun, and fierce with the first track “Tapporauta (Killing Iron)”. “Tapporauta” is complete with fast-paced drums, charging guitars, harsh vocals, and traditional folk instruments that set the mood—to party! Nearly every track makes you feel like either dancing, cracking open a beer, or singing along; such as the tracks “Shall We Take a Turn?” and “Kantaiso (Ancestor)”, which are as fiery and relentless as the first.

They did attempt to incorporate more variety into this album and show more levels with more instrumental tracks such as the title track “Korven Kuningas (King of the Woods)”. The longest track on the album, it vacillates between purely traditional sounds of soft chanting, and purely folk instruments, and the highly energetic instrumentals rife throughout the album until the song fades out to the deep, hypnotic sound of soft drumming.

If you listen more intently, you will be sure to find that there is more substantial lyrical content than just beer and parties. As folk-metal bands are known to do, they have also included references to history and nature. “Kipumylly (Mill of Pain)”, for instance, refers to a tale harsh life of a girl who mills grain and encounters many hardships along the way. As opposed to their first few releases, when the lyrics were mostly English with few Finnish lyrics, Korpiklaani has opted for few English tracks and mostly sings in Finnish on this release.

The feisty spirit of this album transcends language and leaves it to the listener’s interpretation. With songs to get you moving, thinking, or drinking, this is not one to be missed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Tapporauta
02. Metsamies
03. Keep On Galloping
04. Northern Fall
05. Shall We Take A Turn?
06. Paljon On Koskessa Kiviä
07. Ali Jäisten Vetten
08. Gods On Fire
09. Nuolet Nomalan (bonus track)
10. Kantaiso
11. Kipumylly
12. Suden Jioku
13. Runamoine
14. Syntykoski Syömmehessäin
15. Korven Kuningas

Run Time: 74:02
Release Date: 03.25.2008