Chris Hoath


Welcome one, welcome all, to Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, and lives are turned around. In this case we are referencing the southern hardcore band He Is Legend. Anybody who pops this Wilmington, North Carolina band’s music into their CD player, iTunes or MP3 thingy will be immediately blown away… figuratively speaking.

Have any of you ever gone to a local hardcore show, only to be disappointed by the band you went to see? Well with Cedardale, that is never the case. They always deliver pure Canadian hardcore; full force! By combining various styles such as ambiance, swing, metal, and hardcore this hardcore-at-heart band claims to have created a new style called swingcore.

Post-hardcore kings Hatebreed have returned with a sick new album jam-packed with 18 different covers from a ton of bands that have influenced them. Bands ranging from Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies to Madball and Crowbar are all herein covered. The album was released May 5th of 2009 and though the original date…

Every so often, a record label will decide to put out a compilation album. But how often does a label throw out a Folk Metal compilation? Not very often! Pagan Fire is one of the few folk metal compilation albums out there, and it is a kick-ass one at that.

Ever since Death Metal’s origins it has been common place to use themes involving death and Satanism. Although, as with EVERY other band in the gene, Book Of Black Earth makes use of both themes, they do so without sounding lame or cheesy. Moreover, while the band has been together for 6 years, they play with the…

I am fucking stoked to say that Lamb of God is BACK! And dude… to use a prefect cliche.. with a Vengeance! 19 years into their amazing career, the band is just about to release their sixth album (fifth under moniker Lamb of God), Wrath. What an apt title too… the release seemingly drestroys all of its predecessors with ease.