Divided into two chapters: “the ceiling”, and “the floor”, Take One Car’s latest offering is a pulsating, riff fueled effort full of angst-ridden energy; a throwback to the days of new metal that suffers from none of the genre’s negative stereotypes. There’s a mix of stylings here though, an imaginative range of complimentary sounds almost invariably accompanied by fast-paced, frantic riffs and lyrics that dabble in both rap and screeching, dark, blow out moments of metal.

In “Ukrainian CarBomb”, Take One Car have a beast of a track that’ll get hard-rock dance floors moving at a hefty vertical pace. “Ukrainian CarBomb” transitions gently into “The Menagerie”, a tamer stop-start, lyrically loaded track that climaxes with an energetic pre-chorus scream of “MELTDOWN”. For all it’s heavy metal posturing, however, When the Ceiling Meets the Floor is at its best when it showcases the bands variety. The two gentle dividing tracks, “the ceiling” and “the floor”, are a suitably subtle build up to the main event that add a new dimension to the album. The ability to fuse influences from wide ranging genres into what, on the surface, appears to be a fairly straightforward rock album is Take One Car’s greatest asset.

There’s even a subtle tinge of hip-hop to the album; an underlying hint of the urban to the lyrics, infused into a rock backdrop in a similar style to that perfected by Hed P.E. The urban influences come to the forefront in the brilliantly energetic “The Entropy Sequence” and vibrant closer “I’m Not Dead”, a sentiment few would argue with. It’s not a sound Take One Car have quite perfected, though there are moments of pure heaven littered throughout the album that make it worth more than a few listens. All signs point to a bright future.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Chapter 1 – The Ceiling
02. Jesus Symbiote
03. The Entropy Sequence
04. Hello Hollow Eyes
05. Ukrainian CarBomb
06. The Menagerie
07. Chapter 2 – The Floor
08. Melk
09. Pg 67
10. Things Heard at the Accident Scene
11. I’m Not Dead
12. Glaucon to Socrates

Run Time: 52:03