Since 1994, Static-X have been tearing apart the charts with their new wave of American Industrial Metal. With every album that drops, the band raises the bar a little higher, and also changes their style a little bit. Cannibal raised the bar a little bit… as per usual. Being the fifth studio album to date, this album is sure to prove the evolution of the band as a whole, unleashing a new wave of metal into the world. Something that I found interesting about the album; it is the first Static-X album to be released that does not include an “Otsego” track. The line-up for this spectacular album is Wayne Static (vocals/guitar), Tony Campos (bass), Koichi Fukuda (lead guitar), and Nick Oshiro (drums).

Opening up is the title song “Cannibal.” The intro alone proves to be insanely heavy, considering with every scream that Wayne lets out of his mouth, the drums keep time with every syllable. The lyrics to this track were inspired by Wayne’s thoughts about meat eaters, considering he is vegetarian. It may very well mean that killing an animal for meat is the same as killing a human for meat.

The best track I found on the album has to be the second track, “No Submission.” Being one of the songs on the Saw III soundtrack, the song is bound to be sick. The intro is one of the best intros the band has come up with. With a sick breakdown, insane drum beat, and amazing timing with every band member, it’s no wonder the song made it onto Saw III.

“Reptile” is ninth on the album. The instrumental style to this track and Wayne’s screams remind me entirely of Wisconsin Death Trip. The heavy, choppy style of the instrumental seemed to be trying to sound like the band’s first album, and they pulled it off spectacularly. The song is mainly about being eaten alive by a large reptile, which is pretty interesting; I don’t think any other bands have written a song about that. It seems maybe the track is about an animal getting revenge on the human race, for us killing animals for food, but my guess is as good as yours.

Overall, I’d have to say this album is arguably their heaviest album to date. As mentioned before, their style does change with every album, and I’m stoked to see the way the band progresses with the next one. I give Cannibal an 8.4/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Cannibal
02. No Submission
03. Behemoth
04. Chemical Logic
05. Destroyer
06. Forty Ways
07. Chroma-Matic
08. Cuts You Up
09. Reptile
10. Electric Pulse
11. Goat
12. Team Hate

Run Time: 37:05