Raw is a word that, when deployed to describe an aggressive rock record, is cheaply tossed around – almost more so than Whitney Houston; however, finding a better word to encompass the general attitude of For the Mathematics’ Year of the Sun debut We Impend would be difficult.

This album is ferocious, but not in a double-bass breakdown or Cookie Monster vocals sense. The ferocity on this release comes from the attitude that the music so convincingly relays to the listener. These boys waist no time in giving their audience a hearty taste of what they’ll be in for over the duration of this six-song release.

“This Transient” opens the album perfectly by exploding into a manic post-punk frenzy after a tasty bit of feedback that lately has been teasing me every time I restart the disc in my car. The song is so appealing in its chaotic and spastic sound that is consistent throughout the entire release. The chorus is as catchy as hell, and reminds me a LOT of At The Drive-In when they were in their prime (which was really their entire career). This comparison is easily made after even a short encounter with this album, but shouldn’t be used to label this band as a carbon copy, as FTM add plenty of elements to this sound that are exclusively their own.

The vocals are drenched in distortion, but Robb Barnes’ voice is still thankfully discernable, because his performance is terrific, and suits the band’s staple chaotic rhythms and unconventional guitar melodies beautifully. He can go from delicate and frail falsetto to piercing screaming in a heartbeat; and the quicker that transition, the more fun he is to take in. Hearing “this is how I win…” repeated over and over on “Apparatchik” as it builds up intensity is awesome, and is really telling of why this record is so appealing.

This album is full of attitude and chaotic aggression delivered nice and ‘raw’, in every sense of the word. Fans of manic punk music should give this album a taste – no cooking required.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. This Transient
02. A Versus
03. Apparatchik
04. Meta
05. Term Satiety
06. We Impend

Run Time: 22:28