I have some Lamb of God tracks on my iPod because I don’t let stereotypes (even my own) stop me from enjoying music that I like. I’ve always enjoyed this band in small doses, and I’ve always respected them for really carrying the torch of quality North American metal with their shredding, double kick-drenched tracks that demand your attention, much like the ‘freckles’ around your pubic area, but never loved any of their records enough to warrant an album purchase.

Sacrament, however, is great in the sense that it managed to keep my attention throughout its entire duration. These are ferocious metal tracks much like LoG’s back catalogue, but with a more prominent influence from Swedish bands like Soilwork or At the Gates – more intricate guitar leads and thrash drumming to add onto their tried and tested formula of pounding southern licks.

I won’t say this album is much different from their old material, but it just has a little extra of the key elements that make LoG appealing to me – extra heavy breakdowns, extra ferocious screams, extra crazy guitar work and even less-ridiculous lyrics.

“Redneck,” the band’s tribute to Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) will offer fans of quality southern metal one hell of a treat, while “Walk With Me In Hell” opens the album with a fantastically orchestrated riff that will eventually offer one of the tastiest breakdowns in LoG’s catalogue.

Now, if you don’t like heavy music, this is NOT the record that is going to make you shave your head and start selling weed, but if you’re a fan (or fringe fan like yours truly) of this band, give this one a try for sure. This is metal at its near-finest!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Walk With Me in Hell
02. Again We Rise
03. Redneck
04. Pathetic
05. Foot to the Throat
06. Descending
07. Blacken The Cursed Sin
08. Forgotten (Lost Angels)
09. Requiem
10. More Time To Kill
11. Beating On Deaths Door

Run Time: 46:08
Release Date: 2006