Goatwhore is a black metal band from New Orleans, LA originally started as a side-project while Acid Bath was taking a break. In 1997, once Acid Bath broke up (due to the death of the bass player) the band dedicated more time to Goatwhore and became a four piece black metal band. The band consists of Sammy Duet (Guitars/Vocals), Ben Falgoust (Vocals), Nathan Bergeron (Bass/Vocals), and Zack Simmons (Drums).

The opening track on the album is “Wear These Scars of Testimony.” The track is heavy and well put together and Ben’s vocals are bone-chilling and definitely catch any listeners’ attention from miles away. The band is certainly a fast-paced black metal band; at least judging by this track.

Fourth on the album is “My Eyes Are The Spears Of Chaos.” The lyrics to this track are a little bit disturbing. At one point they say, “Adultery of the serpent has brought forth the birth of rape.” I’m just hoping he doesn’t mean he wants to rape somebody lol.

Next up is “In The Narrow Confines of Defilement.” This track is probably one of the best tracks on the album. The instrumental is heavy and grabs your attention. Once again, Ben’s bone-chilling lyrics threaten to burst your eardrums with his out-of-this-world screams.

Tenth on the album is “…Of Ashen Slumber.” And all this track is is a one minute long instrumental. But it still holds its place on the album. Whether it’s to build up anticipation, or is just randomly thrown in there by the band, it’s still a great instrumental.

Overall, the album was very well played, although I am a bit disappointed that the band didn’t have any solos during their songs. I give A Haunting Curse an 8.5/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Wear These Scars of Testimony
02. Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof
03. Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
04. My Eyes Are The Spears Of Chaos
05. In The Narrow Confines Of Defilement
06. Forever Consumed Oblivion
07. A Haunting Curse
08. Silence Marked By The Breaking of Bone
09. Diabolical Submergence of Rebirth
10. Of Ashen Slumber
11. I Avenge Myself

Run Time: 39:06
Release Date: 2006