This is probably one of the heaviest woman-fronted bands that I’ve ever heard. It’s always nice to see a girl that can out scream a guy; most of the time guys tend to think they’re better then everyone else, but in this case I think not! Bands like Kittie and Splatter don’t have shit on Walls Of Jericho, so sit back and read this ‘cause after you’re done, you’re gonna want to buy this.

Detroit, Michigan’s own Walls Of Jericho are so back with their third full-length album “With Devils Amongst Us All.” This CD kicks so much fucking ass it’s not even funny. It boasts eleven sick-ass tracks and starts off heavy as hell! Candace´s voice is so freaking amazing for so many reasons; for one she can scream like no other woman in the world and she can still sing like an angel. Furthermore, the way she flows with the band is pretty much flawless!

Two this girl can out-scream most dudes and in all honesty she can probably out-sing most people as well. Sure she could easily take the place of Amy Lee and sing for a band like Evanescence (like she proves she can do on this CD), but with a scream like hers why bother? As of now, as far as I’m concerned for the ladies’ side of things, she owns the metal scene!

Walls of Jericho’s last CD, All Hail the Dead, did get their name out in the music industry’s Hardcore/Metalcore scenes, but you can really tell by comparing these CD’s that they have not only grown as a band but as individuals as well. I’m not by any means dissing their last record (I think it fucking rocked and I love how it was so in your face and raw at the same time), but With Devils Amongst Us All is one of the best albums to date. Not only will it take over your soul, but it will physically rape your ear drums leaving them full of goodness.

The overall sound of this CD is freaking sick. The drums are so perfect and dead on the whole time with awesome fills and intense double kicks that only make them 10 times better. I honestly don’t think any other drummer could do it better then Dustin Schoenhofer for this band. The guitar tones are so thick they make you want to rip on a guitar even if you don’t play and both guitar players, Chris Rawson and Mike Hasty, are amazing at what they do. They have the tone of God in their hands to sum it up for ya. They are perfectly in-time with each other and they harmonize exceptionally well. As for Aaron Ruby, he definitely adds the back bone to this band with the crunchy bass; he is awesome at following the kick drum to keep this band dead on time.

I say this CD owns and the next best band to these guys with a girl singer in my mind would be a band like Kingston, Ontario’s own I Hate Sally. They just got signed to Underground Operations and are putting out an LP Called Don’t Worry Lady. I think it would be more then amazing to see these two bands tour together because there is no fucking way you will ever see two bands like this on the same bill. Overall though Walls Of Jericho own my brain right now, so I’m gonna halve to give this CD 10 out of 10; cuz that’s how they do boiiiiii!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Trigger Full of Promises
02. I Know Hollywood and You Ain’t It
03. And Hope To Die
04. Plastic
05. Try Fail Repeat
06. The Haunted
07. And The Dead Walk Again
08. Another Day, Another Idiot
09. No Saving Me
10. Welcome Home
11. With Devils Amongst Us All

Run Time: 43:00
Release Date: 2006