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Guitar virtuoso and devil-do-all Misha Mansoor caused quite a stir with Periphery’s self-titled debut. They’re seen as one of the leaders of the so-called djent genre. Let’s see whether he’s able to maintain his position as one of the leading djent minds with the release of the second Periphery record, simply entitled II.

I See Stars are a band that are barely legal in their hometown of Warren, Michigan, but have two full-length studio albums, a deal with Sumerian Records and a collaboration with Bone Thugs N’ Harmony’s Bizzy Bone under their belt. Pretty impressive, right? I got a chance to talk to lead guitarist Brent Allen and bassist Jeff Valentine about their latest release End Of The World Party and what the band is currently up to.

Episode Summary: Host Alloy Ben has had a very busy work schedule lately, so Alloy Matt has a go at it by himself for a bit. Remember McCary from last week? Well, he joins Alloy Matt for an interview with Born of Osiris. Alloy Matt talks about his experience at Warped Tour this year and the upcoming (for him anyway) All-Stars Tour, which Born of Osiris is a part of.