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Palaye Royale – Boom Boom Room – Album Review



Sumerian Records

by Jett White

It was hard not to expect great things from Palaye Royale after hearing their 2013 EP, The Ends Beginning. It was even harder not to expect great things from their debut album Boom Boom Room after listening to the singles ‘Live Like We Want to,’ ‘Don’t Feel Quite Right,’ and ‘Mr. Doctor Man’. Now, the album has been released and it’s damn near impossible to expect this band to go anywhere but up.

Boom Boom Room (released June 24th through Sumerian Records) was produced by James Iha (ex-guitarist and co-founder of The Smashing Pumpkins) and was written entirely by the band alone. The Toronto-born, Vegas-based band consists of three brothers – Remington Leith (frontman), Sebastian Danzig (guitarist/organist), and Emerson Barrett (drummer).

The tracks on this album equally showcase each member’s talent. Danzig’s skillful guitar work is featured during his solo in ‘All My Friends’. Barrett’s drumming gracefully drives the band through the constant tempo changes in ‘How Do You Do?’. And Leith’s beautiful and melodic vocals can be heard on ‘Clockwork’ along with his raspy, borderline screams on ‘Too Many People’.

The most anticipated song on Boom Boom Room would have to be ‘Ma Chérie’ which features Sleeping with Sirens’ lead singer, Kellin Quinn. Fans of Palaye (commonly called Members of the Royal Council) were teased with an acoustic version of this song and online chatter clearly indicated they couldn’t wait to hear the real thing.

Overall, the album is an amazing start for an amazing band with such potential, talent, and a bright future. Palaye Royale restores my faith in Rock n’ Roll’s destiny.

You can catch the band on  Van’s Warped Tour all summer long, appearing on the Full Sail University stage.

Watch Mr. Doctor Man HERE.